Solar Powered Water Harvester

Australia Solar Water Harvester

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, and water is a scarce resource in many places. In a large number of rural Australian communities, people are forced to drink unfiltered groundwater or rainwater collected in tanks, which can become unclean. Atmospheric water extraction has long been understood as a useful method of collecting water in places where supply is limited. Working with local actors, Peace Train has piloted a Solar Hydropoint system at Walhallow Village - assisting directly the indigenous Australian community. An especially innovative solution for a community with limited access to drinking water.

How it works:

1. Water vapour from the air around us is drawn into the water panels.

2. Pure water condenses inside the water panels.

3. Pure water flows into the reservoir where it is mineralised and kept safe.

4. The water panels are cloud-connected and monitored for production and quality

5. Drinking water is dispensed at a tap or dispenser



Enjoying fresh water -  Walhallow, AustraliaEnjoying fresh water - Walhallow, Australia
Water extractor, Solar Harvester - AustraliaWater extractor, Solar Harvester - Australia
Solar Rain Water Panels - AustraliaSolar Rain Water Panels - Australia
Child enjoying the sight of fresh water -  Walhallow, AustraliaChild enjoying the sight of fresh water - Walhallow, Australia

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