Solar Powered Water and Energy Schemes

Billions of people throughout the world lack access to basic water provisions. Our water schemes are designed to bring both water and electricity to rural areas by harnessing solar power to extract groundwater. Specially designed for remote locations where the water table is very deep, and power lines are not available. These schemes draw water from hundreds of feet underground and store clean drinking water in large community water tanks. Not only does this allow thousands of local residents to access water for drinking, cooking and washing, but it also provides water for livestock, nearby irrigation and small pipelines are installed to feed local community centres and places of worship. Additionally, the solar panels used to power the pumps also provide energy to local communal centres. We have completed schemes running in Pakistan and South Africa and are always looking for opportunities to install more.  

What difference does the scheme make?

Less travelling to fetch water means women, who are inevitably responsible for this, spend more time caring for their children and can be more productive

Girls, who are often unable to go to school due to this responsibility, can gain an education

Illnesses decrease in the area with the ready supply of safe, clean drinking and washing water

Children can study later thanks to solar-powered lighting

Residents can grow crops and nurture their livestock close to home

Schools and places of worship can have power for fans and lighting.

We have successfully installed 7 of these schemes in Tharpakar, Pakistan. We have an additional system installed in the Gululethu Township, Cape Town, South Africa.


Solar-well in Village Kohli - Tharparkar, PakistanSolar-well in Village Kohli - Tharparkar, Pakistan
Irrigation using Solar-Well water - PakistanIrrigation using Solar-Well water - Pakistan
Safe clean drinking water - Tharparkar - PakistanSafe clean drinking water - Tharparkar - Pakistan
Vegetable garden at the well - Gululethu Township, South AfricaVegetable garden at the well - Gululethu Township, South Africa

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