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Heiderveld Community Playground

Creating a safe space for children to play and stay away from the violence and drugs that terrorise their neighbourhood.

The Hiederveld Centre is the perfect home for our first 'Where Do The Children Play' playground in South Africa. The centre provides a place of refuge and also other facilities such as a homework club, counselling and life skills for the children.

At a time that is filled with so much confusion and anxiety about the future, there has never been a better time to build programmes that will serve as safe spaces for children. In a community like Heiderveld, resources like this just do not exist. Children are forced to play in unsafe streets which are filled with gangs, drugs and violence. This playground removes these precious children from harm's way whilst helping them nurture and grow. 


Aerial Playground View - South AfricaAerial Playground View - South Africa
The Bridge - South AfricaThe Bridge - South Africa
Playground design - Heiderveld - South AfricaPlayground design - Heiderveld - South Africa
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