Refugee Centre Playroom and Roof Top Café

Goodwill Caravan Refugee Children's Playroom and Café

Greece is one of the main gateways for asylum-seekers entering Europe. According to UNHCR there were over 180,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Greece at the start of 2020. The Goodwill Caravan Centre is a hub, in Athens, for refugees and asylum seekers to gain access to vital services including:

Legal Support Food Bank Essentials Packs Support for accessing local service eg healthcare, welfare etc Skills workshops Child-friendly spaces for respite and childcare whilst seeking services

Between 800 – 1000 refugees and asylum seekers use the hub every month, most are families with young children.

The children of refugees and asylum seekers get little opportunity to play indoors. The playroom acts as a creche for the children whilst their parents are seeking the appropriate assistance to help the family.

The Roof Top Café and the adjoining area is a safe space for refugees and asylum seekers to use as a contemplation room for praying, yoga, quiet space; trauma group meetings; safe family-space; refugee community tea room; children’s feeding area, information groups and free Wi-Fi zone.


Playroom - GreecePlayroom - Greece
Writing wall panels - Playroom - GreeceWriting wall panels - Playroom - Greece
Overview of the Rooftop Cafe - GreeceOverview of the Rooftop Cafe - Greece
Tranquil cafe for Refugees - GreeceTranquil cafe for Refugees - Greece

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