Chugger | New Zealand:

A Chugger has been gifted to the City of Christchurch, New Zealand. The City has seen some horrific acts of terrorism and the Peace Train Chugger will help commemorate and recognise the bravery of the people of the City in their response to the atrocities. 

It will be stationed at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, where visitors will be reminded daily of the messages of peace. This most idyllic venue in Christchurch is visited, not only by the city dwellers, but by people who visit Christchurch from around the country and overseas.


Chugger | Turkey:

With our regional partners, the Turkish Red Crescent, we are delivering a Chugger to the capital Ankara. Stationed at the Turkish Red Crescent campus, it is used to transport school children visiting the centre around the campus where they take part in a host of activities to show how work is carried out in serving those in need. It will make the journey through the campus entertaining and educational as they learn how charities deal with natural disasters as well as man-made crises. This Chugger will also visit refugee camps in the country ensuring children from disadvantaged communities enjoy the Chugger experience.



A little bit more about the Peace Train Chuggers: 

With our commitment to making the world a greener place we have ensured that the trains we chose for our Chugger projects run on electricity; ensuring they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

They can transport 24 small children or 18 enthusiastic, young at heart adults! With a sound system playing songs of love and hope on the virtual train tracks of peace. 

All  trains are TUV certified and comply with all European regulations. In countries where TUV is not required, the simple fact that it is TUV certified will procure a positive appreciation on the local or national compliance agency.

Everyone Jump Upon the Peace Train!


Carriages for 18 ChildrenCarriages for 18 Children
Chugger with simulated steam train smokeChugger with simulated steam train smoke

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